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Moxitek founder Raaj MenonVeteran technology entrepreneur Raaj Menon has launched Moxitech, a startup software firm that aims to deliver the benefits of the connected world to even the smallest business.

Drawing on a team of more 100 software developers, graphic designers and marketing professionals, Moxitek develops applications, websites and online services without a scary price tag. Other services include search engine optimisation, mobile app development, video marketing, press releases and infographic design.

Raaj Menon said he had set up Moxitek to help businesses take the daunting leap across the digital divide. “We all use the Internet today, but many small and even large businesses are struggling to take full advantage of it,” he said.

Sitebook's Chris AnthonyAustralian-developed Sitebook has made managing building projects as easy as using your smartphone by adding project management tools to its affordable building safety app.

First released as a OH&S tool, Sitebook now lets builders schedule and track tasks for multiple construction projects, maintaining safety compliance, and staying in touch with staff, subbies and suppliers, keeping your project on time and budget.

SiteBook, which runs on an Apple iPad or Samsung Galaxy, not only saves you time and money, but takes away the pain of managing projects by letting you monitor your site from wherever you are. For more about SiteBook, visit

Meri and Horst hit the road to raise funds to find a cure for cancerAn Adelaide couple has launched a campaign to recruit as many as 200 cyclists who can raise more than $200,000 to fund research for the fight against cancer.

Meri Griesbach and her partner Horst, who lost their son after he was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, are hoping to lift the funds raised by the Lightsview Ride Like Crazy event from this year’s $800,000 to more than $1 million in January 2015.

To reach seven figures, the Seaview Downs couple have joined a national team of anti-cancer cyclists, called Vision Crusaders, which has raised more than $750,000 through cycling events from Perth to New Zealand since 2011, raising over $420,000 during 2014.

SA Police established Lightsview Ride Like Crazy Inc. in 2010 after the untimely death of police officer Mick "Crazy" Koerner, from an inoperable brain tumour. Since then, the mass participation bike ride has become a well-respected and successful community event.