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Gordon KayA $600,000 business centre planned to help small businesses in the Adelaide Hills town of Woodside is on hold because Telstra is unable to provide telephone lines for the recently refurbished building.

Adelaide Hills Business Centre founder and experienced business coach Gordon Kay was gobsmacked when Telstra informed him that no telephone lines were available for the building. “When I called Telstra last December, they said to place my order when the renovation was finished,” he said.

“So I contacted them at the start of June and was told – four weeks later - that no phone lines or ADSL2+ services were available. I was gobsmacked. Of all the things that I’d considered to set up this business centre, it had never crossed my mind that it would not be possible to get a telephone line.

The University of Adelaide is working with local companies to investigate 3D metal printing for the development of prototype and operational manufacturing parts.

The University’s Institute for Photonics and Advanced Sensing (IPAS) has installed a metal and ceramics 3D printer – the first to be open for use by industry and other research organisations in the State.

Dr Brian SymonAdelaide’s “Baby Sleep Doctor” Dr Brian Symon has embraced technology, including a just-launched smartphone app', to help parents calm their children for a good night’s sleep.

Call “Your Baby”, the $2.49 smart-phone app' is available for both iPhone and Android handsets and can be bought from either Apple’s App Store or the Android Market.