Impress services

Impress Media Australia provides communication services that help you achieve your business goals. Impress can assist you to develop press releases, gain media publicity, keep your website up-to-date, engage your customers with newsletters and create customer endorsements through engaging case studies.

Impress Media was establsihed in 1991 to provide specialist Public Relations service for rapidly growing Australian companies in the Information Technology sector. In the past 16 years, founder and managing director John Harris has charted his company through the Dot Com boom, the post-Y2K collapse and the current resurgence in tech companies.

With expertise honed in the fast-changing technology industry, Impress Media has also worked with organisations involved in sectors includig primary industries, wine-making, manufacturing, distribution, retailing, health, government, construction and tourism. Impress Media delivers its clients a proven knowledge of how to make their businesses stand out in the competitive global world of the 21st century.

Promoting your company through the mass media offers many benefits for your business. Media Relations services from Impress Media Australia provide you with newsworthy press releases, targeted media distribution and credible advocacy to project a professional image through the media. Timely and well-informed media lobbying can substantially raise your company’s profile, creating broader recognition of your business reputation and attracting new opportunities.

The most compelling description of your business value is from the mouths of your clients. Impress Media Editorial Services prepare case studies that spell out your business value through the experience of your customers. You can then use these endorsement stories in direct marketing collateral, in business brochures and on your website. Case studies are also often sought by journalists who are looking for real-world experiences to use in their stories. Impress Media is a quick, insightful and professional in the way it deals with your customers. By profiling them as successful business innovators, Impress Media creates a win-win outcome for you and your cusotmers.

Many businesses waste thousands of dollars to create websites that don't work. While the site might look lovely for the first few months, they fall short of the mark over the long haul as a business development tool and a customer communication channel . Impress Media Australia solves this problem through its Website Overhaul program.