MIMP connecting solutions www.mimp.com is an Australian-owned company that supplies, installs and supports high-capacity wide-band communications for the competitive business market. Established in 1985, MIMP has delivered digital transmission systems for customers nationally, in locations from metropolitan areas to the remote outback. MIMP clients include state and local governments, education, health and defence agencies and large corporations.

MIMP CEO Allan AitchisonMIMP CEO Allan AitchisonBusinesses in Whyalla and Mount Gambier can now access ultra-fast download speeds at affordable prices from $49.90 per month using the GigCity Internet service, deployed by MIMP connecting solutions.

Launched earlier this month, the first regional deployments of the GigCity network, in Whyalla and Mount Gambier, are great news for businesses in both cities. About 40 businesses already use GigCity for gigabit-speed Internet access across the two regional centres. In metropolitan Adelaide, the GigCity network is now used by more than 500 businesses at 23 South Australian business and innovation precincts.

Funded by the South Australian Government, infrastructure for GigCity network in Whyalla and Mount Gambier was designed and delivered by SA company MIMP connecting solutions. This regional GigCity network is operated by WideNetworks http://widenet.com.au .

MIMP connecting solutions CEO Allan Aitchison said the gigabit-speed regional networks were based on the latest micro-wave technology, with a 10-gigabit wireless ring around each city and fibre-optic links back to Adelaide. “The GigCity networks make Internet access much faster and less expensive for businesses in both Mount Gambier and Whyalla,” he said.

MIMP Connecting Solutions General Manager Stephen FitzgeraldMIMP Connecting Solutions General Manager Stephen FitzgeraldHigh-speed gigabit internet will be available in South Australia's two largest regional cities, Whyalla and Mount Gambier, by the end of the year.  Eligible businesses in Whyalla and Mount Gambier will be connected to the GigCity network by Adelaide company MIMP Connecting Solutions, through a $1 million State Government-funded project. 

“Building the GigCity network to additional precincts is a key action item within the state’s strategic action plan for future industries and entrepreneurship or the FIXE strategy,” South Australia’s Minister for Innovation and Skills David Pisoni said. 

It is expected more than 220 businesses in Mount Gambier and around 70 in Whyalla will take up the service, at prices comparable to those available in metropolitan Adelaide GigCity precincts – ranging from $49.90 to $179.90 per month (ex GST), depending on the size of the business and the chosen plan. 

“MIMP Connecting Solutions has begun preliminary works to build a new wireless broadband network and eligible businesses in both cities will be invited to register their interest to connect soon,” Minister Pisoni said. 

MIMP CEO Allan AitchisonA National Science Week event in the remote SA community of Arkaroola today will use a MIMP microwave wireless network to showcase the value of telehealth for regional Australia.

Run by Dr Paul Gardner-Stephen of Flinders University, the interactive event has invited locals to have their blood pressure taken in Arkaroola and reviewed by a health professional 700km away in Adelaide, demonstrating the ease and convenience of telehealth.

Connecting the patient and doctor will be a microwave wireless network deployed by Adelaide-based wireless specialist MIMP Connecting Solutions to serve a mine in the Northern Flinders Ranges in 2012. At its own expense, MIMP extended that network to reach Arkaroola in 2013, with plans to expand it to Nepabunna and other local communities. The telehealth event will be held at the Arkaroola Visitor Centre from 11am to 12.45pm on Wednesday, August 19, 2015.