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Diane Beer with partner Robin and granddaughter Eden (2004)Diane Beer with partner Robin and granddaughter Eden (2004)When Diane Beer, the eldest daughter of RM Williams, died in July, she left a lifetime legacy that stood proudly beside that of her iconic father

When Diane Beer, the eldest child of Australian legend RM Williams, died in July this year, she left a lifetime legacy that stood proudly beside that of her iconic father

Although her life lasted 87 years, Diane almost lost it as an infant. Living in the missionary settlement of Nepabunna in the northern Flinders Range, she woke one morning, in the cot she shared sleeping foot to foot with baby brother Ian, to a whispered “sssshhhh”.

The warning came from Ruth, the teenage Aboriginal babysitter, who leaned over the cot, picked up the snake that during the cold night had nestled in the warmth between the sleeping infants and flung it as far as she could.

Ruth still lived in Nepabunna when Diane visited a few years ago. The two women embraced, recognising each other as if the 70 years’ past was no further than you could throw a snake.

During the nearly nine decades of her life, Diane - born Thelma Diane Williams - filled many roles, as daughter, wife, mother, friend, trailblazing journalist, writer, confidant, mentor and more, winning love and respect with her perceptive mind, her compassionate heart and her irreverent sense of humour.

Impress Media founder John HarrisImpress Media has just completed 25 years of delivering PR services for technology companies, ranging from South Australian startups to Silicon Valley multinationals.

Established by John Harris in May 1991, Impress Media currently represents trailblazing Australian companies including battery manufacturer Redflow Limited, car-to-car communications pioneer Cohda Wireless, wireless communications firm MIMP, Melbourne-based ERP specialist Evolution Business Systems (EBS) and nanotechnology materials innovator Nano-Nouvelle.

Impress Media also provides PR services throughout Australia and New Zealand for global cybersecurity specialist Centrify.

Technology entrepreneur and Executive Chairman of Redflow Simon Hackett has used Impress Media for PR since the year 2000, when he decided to build Internode into a national broadband company. “I’ve worked with John on media relations for 16 years, and will continue to do so, because he is simply brilliant at what he does,” said Simon

Beauties and the beast - John with Suzi, Eve and Jane, Christmas 2012I write with a sad heart that today is my last day as a flack for iiNet, a joyride that started nearly 15 years ago when I began helping Simon Hackett tell the story of Internode's national broadband rollout.

To be honest, I expected the axe to fall three years ago after iiNet acquired Internode, but I was graciously invited inside the iiNet tent to work alongside great colleagues including Anthony Fisk, Jane Humphries, Eve Jones, Suzi Jose and many more fine iiFolk.

However, TPG’s acquisition of iiNet last week means the organisation is no longer publicly listed, so has no need to engage with media beyond what can be managed in-house. That means adios John!