What our Clients Say

Impress Media has delivered public relations, media communication and copywriting services for technology companies since 1991, ranging from South Australian startups to Silicon Valley multinationals. Below, a number of  customers describe this engagement in their own words.  




Australian technology entrepreneur  Simon Hackett has worked Impress Media for PR since the year 2000, when he decided to build Internode into a national broadband company. “I’ve worked with John on media relations for many years, and will continue to do so because he is simply brilliant at what he does,” said Simon. “John fosters and builds relationships based around trust and credibility with the media, with his clients, and, as a result, with the customers who buy the things we make or do.

“Through the majority of the life of Internode, working with Impress Media allowed Internode to build and develop an authentic voice for our endeavours, so that whenever we had some news to impart, the technology media was consistently willing to listen, and was consistently prepared to give us more than our fair share of space and time with which to tell our story.

“It’s been an excellent working relationship that I’ve now carried on into my subsequent business endeavours including Redflow / ZCell, where that nearly two decades of established credibility for our collective work together is resulting - again - in our obtaining excellent coverage for our messages from journalists who are consistently willing to listen. In terms of media relations, it really doesn’t get better than that.”

Redflow Limited www.redflow.com





Impress Media has provided PR services for Centrify Corporation in Australia and New Zealand since 2012. “John Harris has delivered great coverage for us down under,”  said Ally Zwahlen who was Centrify's Vice President Corporate Communications from 2013 until 2017.

“Whether he’s developing interesting local stories, interpreting global announcements for ANZ distribution or arranging interviews with Australian journalists, John communicates Centrify’s value in a smart, efficient and effective way.”

Centrify Corporation www.centrify.com 






EBS Managing Director Paul Woods said Impress Media had been a trusted partner for EBS for the past seven years. “Impress has delivered fantastic results for us in press releases, success stories and generally spreading the word about ourselves and our projects, both domestically and internationally, via all forms of media,” he said. "Since working with Impress Media, PR has given our business great exposure over a much wider geographical area, resulting in a brand awareness of the EBS name in circles that we never would have achieved otherwise. John Harris has the unique ability to deliver exactly the messaging we want in the language and tone that we require.”

EBS (Evolution Business Systems) www.ebsys.com.au