MIMP connecting solutions www.mimp.com is an Australian-owned company that supplies, installs and supports high-capacity wide-band communications for the competitive business market. Established in 1985, MIMP has delivered digital transmission systems for customers nationally, in locations from metropolitan areas to the remote outback. MIMP clients include state and local governments, education, health and defence agencies and large corporations.

Allan Aitchison on the i-Commute busAustralia’s first Internet-enabled bus hits the roads for a six-month pilot program in Adelaide today, providing an advanced transSpot™ Real-time Passenger Information System and real-time security. It also offers free Web access and free gaming programs to passengers.

Dubbed i-Commute, the system has been developed and funded by a coalition of technology companies including MIMP Connecting Solutions, transSpot™, Cisco, Adam Internet, Podmo Mobile and Webshield Content Filtering. Also, the University of South Australia's Institute for Telecommunications Research assisted in testing the system.

Wireless network specialist MIMP has won another National Electrical & Communications Association (NECA) award in SA for a wide area network it developed for use in the forests of South Australia.

MIMP’s network for the SA Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry collected the NECA award for a voice and data project that cost less than $500,000.

The licensed and unlicensed microwave wide area network, which has a 60-megabit full-duplex capacity, provides a platform to distribute forestry applications through the Greater Mount Lofty and the South East areas of the state.

This is the seventh NECA award won by MIMP. www.mimp.com

SA Heart Centres Chairman Dr Bronte AyresAdelaide-based network specialist  MIMP has installed one of the fastest privately-owned wireless networks in the world to help SA Heart Centres deliver better patient care.

When Australia’s largest cardiology group, SA Heart Centres, recognised that its computer network was holding back its development by an inability to transfer large medical imaging files between branches, it turned to MIMP connecting solutions.

Using secure 120 megabit-per-second licensed microwave links, MIMP installed one of the fastest privately owned wireless networks in the world, which went live in November 2007.

The major benefit has been better patient care through providing immediate access to centrally stored patient records from any SA Heart Centres cardiology branch throughout metropolitan Adelaide. “MIMP has future-proofed our technology with a high performance network and predictable costs. We are gaining a rapid return on our investment," said SA Health Centres past chairman Dr Bill Heddle.

The full SA Heart Centres case study follows: