Juice and Blend founders Jonathan and Anne MartinAfter a lifestyle change that has shed many kilos, Melbourne couple Jonathan and Anne Martin have launched a new business to evangelise the benefits of juicing and blending as part of daily life.

Juice and Blend http://www.juiceandblend.com.au/ is an online store where customers throughout Australia can buy and learn about using high quality juicers and blenders.

Jonathan is a director of successful Melbourne ERP software firm Evolution Business Systems while Anne comes from a background in customer service and financial management.

Jonathan said he and Anne had launched Juice and Blend to blend their personal passion with a business. “We started Juice and Blend to make it easy for other people to get the lifestyle benefits we’ve gained,” he said.

“Seven months ago, we discovered juicing as we were looking for ways to make a change to our lifestyle and become healthier. Since then, we have juiced every day and found the health benefit remarkable. In that time, I’ve shed 10kg.

“We’ve also become juice evangelists, telling everyone how good this is for your health and how good it has made us feel. In about November I started looking to improve my new healthy life with some exercise as the juicing was providing me with massive amounts of energy.

“At this point, I took up running and found on the days that I ran, the juice was not enough, so that’s when we also started blending, by adding in extra protein etc. By the end of December, we were well and truly entrenched in a life with both juicing and blending.

“Over Christmas, we decided to turn our passion into a business. At Juice and Blend, our aim is to make it easy for customers to find a good quality product with clear and easy information knowing that the products we sell are the best in the business.”

Juice and Blend, which offers free shipping Australia-wide, avoids confusing consumers with too many choices by shortlisting a range of excellent products backed by very good warranties, some as long as 20 years. Indeed, its Blentec blenders have a lifetime warranty on the motor coupling, the part that usually fails on cheaper products.

For more information about Juice and Blend, visit http://www.juiceandblend.com.au/.



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