Gordon WagnerClients don’t view Gordon Wagner as a typical psychologist.

Rather than just a source of professional advice, they see Gordon as a guide for whom authenticity is the essential ingredient to being happy.

As a registered psychologist, Adelaide-based Gordon has worked with more than 1000 clients, many of whom have experienced powerful life-changing results after working with him.

Gordon began studying psychology midway through his career after facing and working through many of his own challenges as a young man.

For years, Gordon pursued a path of awareness, studying everything from mindfulness principles and meditation to eastern spirituality including Sufism and Taoism, as a way to become free of the constraints of his own conditioning.

Gordon’s personal journey helps him immensely as a psychologist:  By facing his own challenges. Gordon has developed a rapport with his clients that only life experience can endow.

Gordon’s clients will often comment on how comfortable they feel around him and are surprised at his level of understanding of what they are going through.  "Too many people are unhappy, bored or unfulfilled as often, their deepest needs are just not being met,” explains Gordon.

“People are unhappy, they work against themselves, they make the same mistakes over and again - yet it doesn’t have to be this way.

“For real change to occur, we need is to gain access to the controls that are steering our lives. To access freedom, we must identify and overcome our conditioning or programming from the past. This personal transformation won’t come from the linear type of learning we experience in conventional education. It is truly about taking hold of our personal power.”

In one sense, Gordon equips his clients to become their own psychologist, encouraging them to become aware of self-insights that they have previously failed to see. Through teaching and coaching, Gordon prepares individuals to break out of the automatic patterned way of thinking to access new ways of seeing things. This fresh insight opens up new ways of dealing with problems which creates new circumstances that would never normally happen.

“Change needs to be their project and my role must only be seen as that of a guide or a resource they can use to move forward through their own journey,” says Gordon.

To learn more, please contact Gordon Wagner on (0413) 842 242 or email Gordon@gordonwagner.com
More information is available on Gordon’s website at www.gordonwagner.com.

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