Wirra WirraWirra Wirra has launched a free iPhone app called Saturday Afternoon, in what is possibly a first for a winery. The Mrs. Wigley label is behind this lively new app which was created to support the popular new website, www.saturdayafternoon.com.au.

The app is the best possible resource for all things great and small in the world of ‘what’s on this weekend’, and now it can be carried in your pocket.

The Saturday Afternoon app can be your personal city guide, with ideas ranging from the best live music in Adelaide, a perfect spot for a summer time dip in Sydney, a comedy show in Brisbane, or an off-the-wall art show in Melbourne. If it’s happening, chances are it can be found at www.saturdayafternoon.com.au.

This app offers the best of the www.saturdayafternoon.com.au with a just bit more intelligence - the iPhone GPS will recognise your location and customise your leisure time options, making it easy to get information fast. The site is loaded with unique content and great ideas on how to spend your time that can’t be found on any other website or at any other place.

It all started as a conversation among a few of the Wirra Wirra tribe at the cellar door over a glass of Mrs. Wigley Rosé. When was the best time of the week to enjoy a glass of rosé? The popular opinion was Saturday afternoon – kicking back after a week at work, maybe over a lazy brunch or a drink and a chat after a morning shopping with friends. The discussion then evolved from when to drink the wine to where and the idea for www.saturdayafternoon.com.au was born.

Wirra Wirra Managing Director, Andrew Kay believes the app will catch users’ imaginations because it is so practical and can be easily personalised. “We’ve all found ourselves away from home and checked out the local “What’s On” guides, only to be confronted with the same generic big-ticket tourist propaganda,” says Kay. “The Saturday Afternoon app taps in to a huge range of activities across a broad scope of interests, such that it will be a great resource for both locals and visitors to plan their weekends. The fact that users can now carry this ever evolving guide in their pocket means it’s a whole new platform to access this great information on the run.”

And while the Wirra Wirra tribe believe that Saturday afternoon is the best time to enjoy a Mrs. Wigley Rosé or even Moscato – the website offers events and activities across a large selection of categories such as Food and Wine; Theatre; Music; Film; Health; Festivals and more for seven days of the week.

To download the Saturday Afternoon iPhone app, click onto the iPhone App Store now and search for ‘Saturday Afternoon’. Or visit the website www.saturdayafternoon.com.au.

Wirra Wirra 2010 Mrs. Wigley Rosé (RRP$1 8.50) & 2010 Mrs. Wigley Moscato (RRP$ 18.50) are available at leading liquor outlets nationally.


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If you have any questions, contact either Melinda Griffith, Liquid Ideas on (02) 9667 4211 / melindagriffith@liquidideas.com.au or Andrew Kay, Wirra Wirra Vineyards on 08 8323 8414 / akay@wirra.com.au.

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