Adelaide-based company Fix Corporate Massage Service is achieving an 80 per cent conversion rate from its free, try-before-you-buy offer to South Australian businesses.

With premises in both metropolitan Adelaide and the Barossa, Fix has a team of eight corporate massage therapists visiting workplaces throughout the city and nearby towns.

Fix general manager Holly Hicks said corporate massage was an increasingly popular way to motivate and reward employees. “It is quick, simple and delivers clear benefits,” she said.

“Workplace stress is a common side effect of today’s working environment. Headaches are one of the common workplace physical conditions often caused by anxiety and stress due to longer working hours, increased workload and unaddressed interpersonal communication issues.

“The solution doesn’t have to be expensive. A 1996 study shows that a regular 15-minute message per employee can significantly decrease anxiety levels among your staff and help to minimise the negative consequences of workplace stress.”

Fix Corporate Massage Service was established last year through the merger of two smaller massage businesses. Since then, the company has grown rapidly and launched the try-before-you-buy promotion of its value.

Ms. Hicks said the conversion rate from the no-obligation offer was between 65 and 80 per cent. “Businesses discover that there is no downside,” she said.

For more information about Fix Corporate Massage Service, email or visit its website at

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