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Chuck Girard A talented team of performers will create an unforgettable charity concert in Adelaide next month to raise funds for homeless children from the largely forgotten tragedy that hit Kenya this year.

With the calamitous cyclone in Burma followed by the massive earthquake in China, each new disaster causes previous human tragedies to fade in memory although the suffering continues. Kenyan charities are struggling to feed thousands of homeless children each day after the civil strife that swept the east African nation earlier this year.

To raise money to help them, Adelaide businessman and musician Mark Keough has organised a charity Concert for Kenya on Saturday, June 14, at the Prince Alfred College Auditorium in Kent Town.

Headlining this special event is former West Coast US surf singer Chuck Girard - whose hit song Little Honda was launched by the same producer who discovered the Beach Boys - who went on to pioneer contemporary Christian music with his 1970s band Love Song.

Business magazine Australian Anthill is calling for young South Australian entrepreneurs to wave the State's piping shrike flag in nominations for its annual 30under30 competition.

Anthill publisher James Tuckerman said South Australian nominations for the 30under30 awards have been few and far between since applications opened in February. Ironically, SA produced the 2007 winner for Anthill's Cool Company Award, Rising Sun Research.

Mr. Tuckerman has called on South Australians to nominate an SA entrepreneur for this new national awards program before the April 7 closing date. Nominees must be under 30 years of age on June 1, 2008. They can work for their own company or work for someone else. They just need to demonstrate that they have an entrepreneurial mindset.

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“What really makes the difference is having more relevant creatives, so that people are more likely to click on our ads. This translates to many more conversions within the same budget. The key improvement is that we’ve spent money on promoting the actual car listings available on which improves both the user experience and conversion.”

Kylie Gore,


Online car sales site

Challenge:’s key objective was to build Search Engine Marketing creatives and keywords for used car listings in Google AdWords campaigns while meeting volume and cost-per-unique-visitor targets.



After deploying the Australian-developed Dynamic Creative software, was able to quickly create and optimise granular search engine ad campaigns with a high quality Google score.

Benefits: created an additional 250,000 keywords and associated creatives which went live within two months, extending campaigns to take advantage of the ‘long tail’ of ads that match specific used-car listings. was also able to measure results such as boosting productivity by hundreds of per cent, increasing click volumes and decreasing cost per click (CPC) by 30 per cent. 

Dynamic Creative:

e-channel online is a leading search engine marketing company founded in 1999 in Melbourne. e-channel online has leveraged its knowledge, history and experience to develop Dynamic Creative, a powerful, patented search engine marketing campaign optimisation tool.  Dynamic Creative solves challenges faced by all search engine marketing: in particular, the need to quickly optimise granular ad campaigns with a high Google quality score. The product can deliver immediate benefits to organisations that run large database-driven websites, such as travel, classifieds, online auction and retail websites. Learn more at