Greg BirchCut costs not customers warns corporate gift expert

Corporate gifts specialist Office Range warns that many businesses risk cutting off communication with customers in their rush to cut costs in the economic downturn.

Office Range general manager Greg Birch said an unfortunately ‘knee jerk’ reaction to tougher times is to reduce the marketing budget. “Marketing simply means ‘to retain existing or prospect new customers’ with regards to your products or services,” he said.

“In tough times, it’s wise to look at what is really needed and what you can do without for a while - “trim the fat” so to speak. The problem is if you cut out a fundamental part of your company such as marketing, both new and existing customers may lose touch with you or even think you’ve gone out of business.

“The net result is an accelerating decline in revenues which makes the problem even worse."

Mr. Birch said the key to surviving touch economic times was spending smarter rather than just spending less. “There are myriad of ideas to keep your marketing going and still reduce spending, you just need to be a more creative,” he said.

“Promotional gift Items sent to your existing customers and new prospects are a tried and tested tool. A simple thank you with a small corporate gift or sending a promotional gift before you call on someone can work wonders.”

Mr. Birch said a few simple ways to cut costs without cutting off customers included:

  • Put purchasing a fancy new coffee machine on hold for now
  • Hold your company get together at a park rather than an expensive restaurant: As well as evoking a healthy lifestyle, you can play a game of cricket – which is tricky at a restaurant!
  • Ask people to switch off lights, computers and other equipment when not in use
  • Get a VoIP service if your company makes many calls (they’re much better now!).

“These few suggestions can assist your workplace, even when things are great.”

Mr. Birch said pruning back on non-essentials retained vital budget items that can contribute directly to generating revenue, such as communicating with customers.

“Strategically, you are taking the initiative because in tough times, many of your competitors may hold back on their marketing, which gives you the chance to shine above the doom and gloom,” he said.

Office Range offices a broad range of corporate gift opportunities that include:

  • The Mansion pen - a plastic retractable ballpoint pen with a plastic silver tip, textured grip and silver pocket grip that cost as little as 25 cents each
  • Oval Acrylic Key Chain - a clear acrylic key chain with a four-colour digital logo inside
  • Neoprene Can Holder - an insulated neoprene stubbie cooler with a stitched rim.
  • 500ML Straight water bottle - a white plastic water bottle with a screw on coloured lid and soft poppet.
For more information, call Greg Birch at Office Range on (08) 8186-1800 or visit its website at


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