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Cohda Wireless (“Cohda”) is the leading supplier of software for the Connected Autonomous Vehicle (CAV) market.  Cohda provides innovative software solutions that enable autonomous vehicles to connect with other vehicles and with Smart City infrastructure.  These connections span Vehicle-to-Vehicle, Vehicle-to-Infrastructure, and Vehicle-to-Pedestrian (collectively called V2X), and allow CAVs to ‘talk’ to each other, Smart Cities, and vulnerable road users in order to avoid accidents, reduce congestion and be more efficient.  Cohda partners with Tier 1 Automotive Suppliers, ITS Equipment Vendors, and Mining Equipment Technology and Services (METS) vendors to provide complete hardware/software solutions to Car Makers, Smart Cities, and Mine Operators, respectively. Cohda’s products are used widely in locations including the USA, Europe, Australia, Japan, Africa, Middle East, China, Singapore, Taiwan, and Korea.

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Cohda Wireless Business Development Manager (China) Shuning YuanCohda Wireless Business Development Manager (China) Shuning YuanConnected Autonomous Vehicle (CAV) technology leader Cohda Wireless has established an office in Shanghai to supply China’s rapidly developing markets for Smart Cities and autonomous cars.

China is a global leader in developing Smart City technology as its national Government aims to encourage information-rich connected systems to improve the liveability of its rapidly growing cities.

Cohda’s Shanghai office aims to build the company’s profile as a proven provider of CAV applications as the Chinese Government finalises standards for the 2025 National Development goal for connected smart vehicles, a key component of the Smart Cities strategy.

Cohda Wireless VP Marketing Andrea AshCohda Wireless VP Marketing Andrea AshConnected Autonomous Vehicle (CAV) technology leader Cohda Wireless has recruited international marketer Andrea Ash to accelerate its growth in global automotive, mining and smart cities markets.

Adelaide-based Cohda Wireless, which has offices in the US and Europe, is poised for strong growth during 2018 as CAV markets mature, with former technology trials becoming real-world products.

Andrea joins Australia-based Cohda Wireless after working in the US for 17 years, with roles including Regional President at Bosch Power Tools North America; Head of Bosch Power Tool Brand North America; and Vice President Marketing at Dremel. Andrea brings persuasive communication skills and global experience in marketing, product development, sales and operations for B2B and B2C in both industrial and retail channels.

As Vice President Marketing at Cohda Wireless, Andrea is responsible for communication, product roadmap development, pricing and setting strategic direction based on market insights and trends.

Cohda Wireless announces its first V2X OEM deployment for 2017

Cohda Wireless CEO Paul GrayCohda Wireless CEO Paul Gray

Global Connected Vehicle technology leader Cohda Wireless today announces that the new 2017 Cadillac CTS sedan contains Cohda’s world-leading V2X software as a standard feature. V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) uses both vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communications to enable cooperation between vehicles and infrastructure to improve safety, mobility, and have a positive environmental impact.

Cohda Wireless will  supply its Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) solutions for the 2017 Cadillac CTS, sold in the US and Canada. DSRC is a two-way, short to medium range wireless technology defined by the 802.11p communications standard. Unlike cameras, radars or lidar sensors, DSRC isn’t bound by line of sight, offering car manufacturers a much safer and more reliable communication solution.

The Cadillac CTS uses the Cohda-based DSRC solution and GPS to transmit and receive as many as 1000 messages per second from other vehicles as far as 300 metres (1000 feet) away.

This pioneering project sees the 2017 Cadillac CTS roll off the production line with Cohda Wireless V2X software installed as a standard feature. This provides the car with ‘360-degree awareness’ by gathering and synthesising data from sensors on nearby vehicles and roadside infrastructure to detect hidden threats by extending the horizon of awareness beyond what the driver can see. Cohda Wireless has supplied the complete software stack for the 2017 Cadillac CTS, comprising 10 DSRC V2X applications including Intersection Collision Warning, Hazardous Location Warning and Emergency Vehicle Warning.

Cohda Wireless CEO Paul Gray said General Motors had achieved a world first with the 2017 Cadillac CTS. “This is now the benchmark that other production cars will be judged against when it comes to technology and safety,” he said.

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