MIMP connecting solutions www.mimp.com is an Australian owned company whose total business focus is the supply, installation and support of high capacity wideband digital transmission systems in the competitive business communications market. Established in June 1985, MIMP connecting solutions has provided and installed the transSpot™ passenger information system. Key clients included State and Local Governments, Education, Health, Defence, and large corporations.

MIMP CEO Allan AitchisonA National Science Week event in the remote SA community of Arkaroola today will use a MIMP microwave wireless network to showcase the value of telehealth for regional Australia.

Run by Dr Paul Gardner-Stephen of Flinders University, the interactive event has invited locals to have their blood pressure taken in Arkaroola and reviewed by a health professional 700km away in Adelaide, demonstrating the ease and convenience of telehealth.

Connecting the patient and doctor will be a microwave wireless network deployed by Adelaide-based wireless specialist MIMP Connecting Solutions to serve a mine in the Northern Flinders Ranges in 2012. At its own expense, MIMP extended that network to reach Arkaroola in 2013, with plans to expand it to Nepabunna and other local communities. The telehealth event will be held at the Arkaroola Visitor Centre from 11am to 12.45pm on Wednesday, August 19, 2015.

Kangaroo Island Council CEO Andrew BoardmanAdelaide-based wireless specialist MIMP Connecting Solutions has beaten the NBN to the punch by delivering high-speed broadband services for SA’s Kangaroo Island.

Supported by the Kangaroo Island Council, MIMP has established a 100 megabit-per-second (Mb/s) microwave wireless connection from Adelaide to Kingscote. The new NEC Microwave radio network can carry 300 megabits per second (Mb/s) of data to meet expected demand and can be upgraded to 850 Mb/s in future.

As well as providing the Kangaroo Island Council with a full-duplex 20 Mb/s link to its data centre in Kingscote, MIMP’s link has enough extra capacity to offer broadband to other residents and businesses on the island, which has limited ADSL and 3G mobile broadband.

MIMP CEO Allan Aitchison and NVI Director Matt SalierSA-based communications trailblazer MIMP Connecting Solutions is teaming up with Flinders University to provide students with access to cutting edge telecommunications equipment.

The quarter-million-dollar MIMP Edge Lab, located at the Flinders University precinct at Adelaide’s Tonsley Park, will provide an interactive showcase of the latest technology from MIMP and its partners including NEC, Aviat and CommScope.

About 100 students from Flinders’ network systems, computer science, software engineering and information technology streams will have access to the new equipment as well as to senior MIMP engineering staff who design innovative wireless networks.

MIMP founder Doug Mackie (left) with CEO Allan AitchisonAdelaide-based communications specialist MIMP connecting solutions has started its 30th year in business on a roll, after doubling in size during the past two years.

Established in 1985, the privately owned company has doubled its headcount to nearly 30 employees since 2013, driven by strong demand for its expertise in installing and maintaining wireless networks.

With its head office in Richmond, MIMP has undertaken ground-breaking projects throughout Australia including Adelaide’s first Internet-enabled buses; building a multicast mesh wireless network to make Darwin’s streets safer; and deploying a 480km wireless network in regional Queensland. MIMP has also actively worked to link up remote SA communities such as Arkaroola.

MIMP CEO Allan AitchisonAllan Aitchison, who leads an Australian technology business that regularly reinvents itself, has been nominated as an EY Entrepreneur Of The Year for Australia’s Central Region.

Allan, the ever-smiling CEO of Australian networking specialist MIMP connecting solutions, has played a central role in building the company into a national success.