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 August 16, 2010

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Northline CEO Craige Whitton

Billion launches its first IPv6-ready router  

Leading network device manufacturer Billion has launched the Billion BiPAC 7800NL, an ADSL2+ broadband router that supports the new generation Internet Protocol, IPv6, for just $185. More

Internode broadband plan overhaul unveils UltraBundle  

National broadband company Internode has revised its range of ADSL2+ plans, delivering greater value to more people by aligning Optus-delivered Ultra services with its competitively priced Extreme plans. More

Northline issues first national line haulage tender

Australia’s only privately-owned national freight network, Northline, has announced its first nationwide tender, inviting trucking companies to work with the business for the next three years. More.

Northline CEO Craige Whitton



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