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November 28, 2016

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Essendon Renault beatsbroadband blues
Melbourne car dealership Essendon Renault will save thousands of dollars a year using Accelerated 4G routers to avoid broadband breakdowns that can bring the business to a standstill. More

UltraServe rides SAP Hybris demand into US
Ecommerce specialist UltraServe has expanded into the United States, opening an office in Chicago to meet demand for its SmartStack-powered SAP Hybris deployment and hosting expertise. More

VAF demos $90,000 Sony projector in SA 
Adelaide’s audiophile specialist VAF Research will this week display Sony’s latest and greatest 4K high definition laser projector - worth $90,000 - in an SA first event at its Kent Town showrooms. More

Essendon Renault CFO Les Hogan
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