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Janusz (left) and Piotr (Peter) Bejnarowicz of Magnetite W.jpgThe SA-based company that pioneered retrofitting energy-saving window insulation in this State is launching an energy evangelism program to explain the environmental benefits of its system to business.

Since 2000, WinFocus Australia, which operates from a factory and showroom at Holden Hill, has sold the Magnetite window and door insulation system, which both reduces noise and saves energy in buildings.

After a boom in business during the past two years due to increased demand for safe and energy efficient insulation in homes, the family-owned business has launched its “Energy Evangelism” initiative to explain how businesses can benefit from the affordable and flexible Magnetite system.

Designed by the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the US in 1981, Magnetite is a retro-fitted secondary glazing system that secures optical-grade acrylic panels to the inside of a window frame using magnetic seals. This removable panel creates an insulating pocket of air in the window. Because the installation takes place from the inside and uses independent framing, the conversion is quick and hassle free for any type of window or door and in any building.

Independent tests demonstrate that Magnetite panels cut down unwanted noise, such as traffic racket, by as much as 70 per cent and reduce temperature “seepage” by as much as 60 per cent. For an average house, this can reduce the energy bills by hundreds of dollars annually.

A major attraction of the internally fitted Magnetite system is that it can be installed in any building, from a new construction to a heritage-listed building.

WinFocus founder and managing director Janusz Bejnarowicz said the Energy Evangelism program involved talking to business and community groups that were interested in reducing their environmental impact. “This month we are addressing a conference of 150 energy auditors and we will also speak to one of the metropolitan city councils,” he said.

Since Richard Jay Laundry Equipment began working with award-winning Arrow business partner Evolution Business Systems, this national company has significantly improved the efficiency, accuracy and security of its Arrow Financials software, slashing time-consuming tasks from hours to seconds and applying auditing controls that protect the integrity of the company invoicing system.

Adelaide business website specialist Alltraders has made online marketing activities quicker and simpler for Adelaide-based young business group, Gr8 Business Connections.

Gr8 Business Connections is a group for business owners, managers and business intenders aged between 18 and 35 years old.  As well as providing opportunities for young business people to meet other young business people, allowing them to share stories and build business prospects, the organisation delivers information and assistance on upcoming programs, resources and events.

Founded in 1996, Alltraders uses the Joomla! Content Management System to design and deliver easy-to-use websites that substantially reduce the cost of maintaining a website while increasing its effectiveness in achieving business goals.

Alltraders has sponsored Gr8 Business Connections by developing and hosting its website at www.gr8bc.com.au, using Joomla! to make it quick and easy to manage. The two key Alltraders team members in this Gr8 project were project manager Jared Green and web designer Michael Garratt.

John ConvillAdelaide premises protection specialist Vision Security Services has launched a range of new generation IP video technology that uses existing computer network cabling to monitor buildings.

The German-developed Mobotix cameras can be incorporated into existing computer cabling infrastructure to provide traditional security coverage as well as allowing remote electronic monitoring as an alternative to permanent on-site staff using analogue technology.

The affordable range of Mobotix equipment can also address duty-of-care responsibilities, operational production monitoring and access control as well as OH&S (Occupational Health & Safety) requirements.

Vision Security Services managing director John Convill said the Mobotix technology had been developed during the past decade. “Their technology appears to be where VoIP telephony was about three years ago,” he said.

“It’s on the crest of a wave of acceptance as technology departments increasingly acquire responsibility for IP video surveillance from traditional building management or security staff.

“While this technology is not unusual in the ICT industry, it’s typically beyond the technical comfort zone of the traditional security organisation.”