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eChallengeThe University of Adelaide has launched its 2009 eChallenge, an entrepreneurial business planning competition that offers $50,000 in prizes.

The eChallenge (Entrepreneurs' Challenge) is open to students from any discipline at any of South Australia’s Universities, TAFE and in the broader community. Teams of between two and six people, including at least one tertiary-enrolled student in South Australia, compete in the eChallenge to develop a business plan for a new, previously unfunded concept.



After Tennessee, Michael and I headed for Charlottesville, Virginia, where I was to give my next lecture.  It would have been an uneventful trip, but for the hundreds of trucks that filled the highway.   They were not as large or as long as the semi-trailers common to Northern Territory roads, but enough to make the trip hair-raising in parts. Lesley had warned us of this. 


On arriving at Charlotte Airport, we had to retrieve our hand luggage from the back of the plane, as our locker space had been taken up by the belongings of other people.  As a response to the introduction of checked luggage fees, people are taking quite large cases and bags onboard as hand luggage.  And staff appear to be making little attempt to stop them, although signs at the boarding gate and elsewhere stipulate just how much can be taken into the body of the plane.


Meredith McGuire collected us at the San Antonio airport and drove us out the lovely home she shares with husband Jim Spickard.  I had taken Meredith and Jim to Baby Dreaming, Arnhem Land some years before, and we'd stayed in touch.  Now I was to lecture at Trinity University where Meredith was Professor of Sociology and Anthropology.