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 Filthy Animal founder Simon MorrisFilthy Animal founder Simon MorrisA cheeky Aussie entrepreneur hopes his new venture will be flush with success after releasing a shockingly shaped soap that has more do with the loo than a good lather.

Dubbed Filthy Animal, Simon Morris’ novel business has released a turd-shaped soap just in time for Christmas - with the hygienic goal of prompting people to wash their hands after using the loo.

Simon said he’d received a lot of interest and a bit of ribbing about this defecatory delight. “My mates reckon this is the most crap present you could give someone for Christmas,” he said.

“It started when I realised how many men don’t wash their hands after finishing their business. Last year, a frustrated mate started asking blokes to wash up. While it wasn’t a big success, his bravado inspired us to set up Filthyanimal.com.au as a soap company dedicated to improving potty practices.

“Now we’re in the business of handmaking quality poo-shaped soaps that you can send anonymously to people with dubious hygiene practices - or just buy as a wonderful conversation starter for your own bathroom. Some people think it’s gross, immature or just crap, but for us it’s just fun.

“The most common question I get is: What does it smell like?”

For the record, the Filthy Animal soap has the odour of Italian spiced chocolate. “I really enjoy getting people to take a sniff because it‘s such a surprise,” said Simon.

The bog-standard Classic Poop soap and the seasonally-enhanced Santa’s Little Poop cost $18.99 each, including shipping. And if you think the US election produced a crap outcome, Filthy Animal has the perfect poo-litical pressie for your despairing American friends: Inspired by the next President of the United States, this $19.99 number two product is called the Tronald Dump!

You can learn more at https://filthyanimal.com.au/.

To line up an interview, call Simon Morris on 0466 492 623 or email simon@filthyanimal.com.au

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