Internode turns on NBN Wireless in Armidale

Jim  KellettInternode today starts selling NBN Fixed Wireless broadband services to people who live or work on the periphery of Armidale in northern NSW.

Internode’s NBN Fixed Wireless service offers the same plans as its NBN Bronze fibre service, running at 12/1 Mbps with data quotas ranging from 30 GB to 1 TB. For plan and price details, visit

The NBN Fixed Wireless service, which needs a directional external antenna installed at the premises, is designed to give more consistent broadband performance than mobile broadband. Using advanced wireless technology commonly referred to as LTE, NBN Fixed Wireless aims to provide broadband coverage for people living or working in regional areas that will not receive fibre-based NBN services.

Once the NBN Fixed Wireless service is completed nationally by 2015, it will provide broadband coverage for four per cent of the population – about 500,000 premises. A searchable NBN rollout map, including NBN Fixed Wireless coverage, is available at

From today, Internode is selling services that use the first NBN Fixed Wireless towers near Armidale, which covers a total of about 770 premises.

Internode’s NBN Fixed Wireless service offers free setup for customers who sign a 24-month contract. Other benefits include discounts off routers, an included NodePhone VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephone service and the ability to port an existing telephone number to NodePhone.

Internode product manager Jim Kellett said the NBN Fixed Wireless service was designed to deliver broadband to customers living in lower-density areas. “This is about providing high-speed Internet access to areas that are largely broadband blackspots,” he said.

“Although some premises may currently have ADSL or 3G mobile broadband coverage, in most cases there are few or no broadband alternatives, so it’s great news for the people who live there.”

For more details about Internode’s NBN Fixed Wireless service, visit

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About Internode

Internode, a subsidiary of iiNet Limited, is a national broadband provider with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. Already a leading supplier of National Broadband Network (NBN) services, Internode delivers great value, technically advanced and reliable ADSL2+ services across Australia. Internode offers a wide range of value-added broadband services including more than 400 Internode WiFi hotspots throughout the country, NodeMobile Data 3G wireless broadband, Internode Business Connect Private IP networks, NodePhone VoIP telephony and a pioneering IPTV service through its partnership with FetchTV. Follow Internode online at